Dry Running Screw Pump


 dekker dry running screw pump for vapor or dust evacuating 

Product Description                  

LG series dry screw vacuum pumps is good at evacuating large volume of dust and condensable vapor without performance decreasion. It’s oil free with minimal maintenance requirements. It’s capable of working from atmosphere to 1Pa.  

Vacuum pressure

2Pa @ 50Hz,  1Pa @60Hz

Suction capacity

180~1512m³/hr (105~890CFM)

Product Advantage                     

1) No lubricants or working fluid exits in working chamber to obtain absolute clean vacuum.

2) No oil mist or working fluid can pollute working gas, high recycle rate for manufactural gas.

3) Eliminated the malfunction potential casued by lubricants or working fluid, with improved stability and no operation cost for lubricants.

4) Wide working pressure range from atmosphere to 1Pa, it simplified the vacuum system.

5) Low request for cooling water and its flow rate and cooling effect donot impact pump’s capacity, it makes pump suitable for working environment with less water.

6) Low components wore and long service life for it adopts clearance gap seal, no abrasion exists among interior components.

7) Low vibration, the rotors pass strict dynamic test in G1 level.

8) Small installation space required for big capacity pump.

9) Low power consumption for pump with virable pitch.