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Dean Pump ANSI/ASME B73.1 Horizontal Process Pumps

When Dean Pump introduced the pH centrifugal process pump in 1958, the chemical (AVS). Subsequently, the American National Standards Institute approved the AVS Specifications as national standard B123.1-1971. This standard was later revised and approved as ANSI/ASME B73.1M-1984. parts interchangeability among pump sizes, fewer parts are ...Learn more

Durco MarkIII brand ANSI Process Pumps Replacement Spare

BETTER Drilling Fluid Equipment Industrial Limited is a company specialized in centrifugal sand pump and parts, and we introduced Goulds and Durco process chemical pump parts, to provide another choice for our clients. ...Learn more

Centrifugal Chemical ANSI Goulds Stainless Steel Pump Parts

Quality G-3196 ANSI Process Pumps Spare Parts & Slurry . Outlet 35mm Dia Unit is a stainless steel centrifugal pump. Goulds 3196 316 Stainless steel pump 1 x 1.5 inch chemical process pump 1.1kW 2 pole FLAME PROOF MOTOR This unit is much too heavy to post however we can assist with arranging transport or you are ...Learn more

ANSI Process Pumps - Empowering Pumps and Equipment

ANSI Centrifugal Pumps Offer Speed and Reliability in Oil & Gas Operations – Gary Israel of Griswold Pump discusses how ANSI pumps can go beyond the expected chemical process applications and into the world of oil and gas as reliable equipment. ...Learn more

CPP End Suction ANSI Process Pump - Ruhrpumpen

Single stage, end suction, ANSI process pump (enclosed impeller) CPP ANSI Chemical Process Pumps. The CPP line is designed to meet or exceed ANSI B 73.1 specifications. All CPP pumps are designed around a . single, basic hydraulic and mechanical design concept which ensures efficiencies across a wide spectrum of ...Learn more

The ANSI Pump - OnHandSupply

The ANSI B73.1 Process Pump The ANSI process pump is one of the most widely used centrifugal pumps in the US chemical process industry due to its versatility, modularity, brand interchangeability, and affordability. ...Learn more


CHEMICAL PROCESS PUMP Type Series: KSB ANSICHEM Standard: ANSI B73.1 of spare parts pump casing taking on high surface up process (see 8.2). Pump operation with the shut-off valves in the suction and / or discharge pipes closed is not permitted. ...Learn more

ANSI Centrifugal Pumps for Any Application - C&B Equipment

These centrifugal pumps are horizontal, end suction, single stage pumps that are similar in size and identical in interface. While a vast majority of these pumps are used in the chemical industry, ANSI process pumps are also used in the following industries: ...Learn more

CPO End Suction ANSI Process Pump - Ruhrpumpen

centers in many parts of the world, Ruhrpumpen is truly a global pump CPO ANSI Chemical Process Pumps. design that covers a wide range of service conditions (including low-flow region) while providing industry-leading low NPSHR performance and high efficiencies. CPO is designed around a modular concept which allows . ...Learn more

ANSI Centrifugal Pumps Processing Industry - Eneric Ltd

811 Series ANSI/ASME Centrifugal Pumps The Model 811 is available in a wide range of sizes, capacities and materials to fit virtually any process-fluid application. ...Learn more

1196 Series | Rotech ANSI Horizontal Chemical Process Pump

Rotechs 1196 Series ANSI chemical process pumps are designed to handle corrosive fluid handling applications. These process pumps are supplied with open impeller and used for heavy duty applications. as per industry standard ANSI B73.1. ...Learn more

An ITT Brand Pump Selection Guide - Goulds Pumps

Goulds Pumps presents this Pump Selection Guide to assist users in making an easy initial selection of the best pump for a particular service. To do this, The family of chemical process pumps includes both ANSI and ISO models. Goulds Pumps specializes in high alloys for our ...Learn more

CPO & CPO-L ASME / ANSI B73.1 Chemical Process Pump

centers in many parts of the world, Ruhrpumpen is truly a global pump CPO ANSI Chemical Process Pumps design that covers a wide range of service conditions (including low-flow region) while providing industry-leading low NPSHR performance and high efficiencies. CPO is designed around a modular concept which allows ...Learn more

Replacement ANSI Pump Flanges - Shanley Pump

Osna non-self priming pumps are ideal for the pumping of clear and slightly contaminated liquids such as Fresh water, drinking water, boiler feed water, process water, sea and brackish water, hot water, condensate, lye's etc. ANSI Flanges are available for all OSNA Pumps. ...Learn more

ANSI Centrifugal Process Pumps 911 Series

WHAT IS AN ANSI PUMP established criteria for centrifugal pumps in terms of dimension, chemical composition of the materials and safety specifications, to cover the needs from chemical process industry. Design features were established, such as being self-venting, foot mounted, center line discharge and All parts of the Barmesa process ...Learn more

Dean Pump - Delta Process Equipment

ANSI Design Chemical Process Pumps. Dean Pump is recognized as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of horizontal centrifugal process pumps used extensively in the chemical and petrochemical industries, power plants, pulp and paper, mining, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. ...Learn more

Ansimag - Anderson Process

Vertical in-line Chemical Pump designed by Ansimag to be ASME / ANSI B73.2 compatible. The Inline pump is designed to be reduce a large footprint of a standard ANSI pump be place in-line of application piping to maintain and build pressure through piping system. ...Learn more

What is a Process Pump? Get the - Chemical Pumps

ANSI process pumps are designed to meet the ANSI B73.1 standard. This type of process pump comes in a wide range of materials depending on the application. ANSI process pumps are used in the chemical industry, paper mills, refineries and other plant environments. ...Learn more

China ANSI Centrifugal Chemical Pump Parts for Sand

Itt ANSI Chemical Process Pump Parts, Goulds Pump Parts Impeller, Pump Casing and Housing manufacturer / supplier in China, offering ANSI Centrifugal Chemical Pump Parts for Sand Casting, Stainless Steel / Titanium Goulds 3196 Pump Casing, Durco Mark 3 Pump Cover by Investment Casting and so on. ...Learn more

AE Pump A-C 731+ Allis Chalmers Chemical Process Pumps

Replacement pumps and parts for A-C 731+ Pump Chemical Process Pumps in compliance with ANSI standards. These centrifugal pumps are extensively used in the chemical process industry. ...Learn more

ANSI Process Pump - All Pumps

Griswold Model 811 ANSI Process Pump maintenance of the Griswold Model 811 ANSI B73.1 Process Pump. These instructions should This manual should be kept as a part of th e permanent records for the pump and should be readily accessible as a reference to anyone working on the pumping unit. Referenced items...