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These dry screw vacuum pumps due to the constructional design can achieve a standalone blank-off vacuum of the tune of 10-2 Torr. Apart from having Advantages like-1. No use of water/ steam. ...Learn more

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LG series dry screw vacuum pumps As mechanical type vacuum pump equipped with a pair of varying pitch screws in pump housing, LG series screw vacuum pu ...Learn more

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A high capacity dry rotary lobe vacuum booster is matched with a smaller rotary piston pump. For continuous operation below 1 Tom the vacuum booster may be 10 times or more the capacity of the rotary piston pump. ...Learn more

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Rotary Plunger Vacuum Pump, Dry Screw Vacuum Pump, Roots Vacuum Pump manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Chemical Vacuum Coating Single Stage Rotary Piston Pumps, Svp Series Industrial High Vacuum Dry Screw Pump, Edwards Roots Type Blower Used for Vacuum Heat Treatment and so on. ...Learn more

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LG series dry screw vacuum pumps are widely used in chemical & pharmaceutical processing, solvent recovery, crystallization, vapor coating, petroleum and semiconductor markets, etc. FB series Hybrid molecular pump & turbo molecular pump ...Learn more

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Our dry vacuum pumps and compressor systems handle gases that can be captured and treated to keep your plant environmentally friendly. E -conomical Economical dry vacuum pump prices to help your business be successful now and in the long term. ...Learn more

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One of the best, most reliable, long lasting dry vacuum pumps on the market.. 400 acfm (680m3/hr) from atmosphere to full vacuum all day long, every day. Solid one piece screw / shaft construction make this the safest and most robust dry screw pump available. ...Learn more


Used Busch single stage Cobra dry screw vacuum pump, model NC0070, carbon steel, rated 50 cfm at .075 torr, jacketed chamber with heat exchanger and silencer, direct coupled 5 hp, 230/460 volt xp motor, serial# CJ06200201. ...Learn more

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vacuum machines like liquid ring vacuum pumps, rotary piston vacuum pumps, dry vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump and vacuum blower. Several factors govern and influence the performance of a vacuum system. ...Learn more

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Air 2 Nitrogen Vacuum Pump Sales & Services was founded in 2014 after gaining advanced vacuum pump skills and and a vast amount of experience, with Busch Vacuum GmbH, an international vacuum pump company. ...Learn more

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Large mechanical systems used in traditional material transfer processes like belt or screw conveyors and impellor type pumps have a tendency to breakdown due to wear and tear from the generally abrasive materials moved during industrial processes. ...Learn more

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From the screw vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump, vacuum unit and vacuum pressure station, we have a complete set of perfect product system. Industry leading technology Strong research and development capability and excellent producing technology have createdthe high quality brand. ...Learn more

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The ideal vacuum pump for many processes in the chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry as well as applications in other sectors of industry Description The COBRA dry screw vacuum pumps are available in three models. ...Learn more

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Hanbell Dry Screw Vacuum Pump As a key component of vacuum systems, dry vacuum pump plays a major role of process quality factors, even in clean or harsh vacuum applications. HANBELL PS series dry vacuum pumps can provide customer a high quality vacuum environment, and also can reduce the system setup capital and maintenance cost. ...Learn more

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Dry screw vacuum pump is now a more popular product, and it is also a very high-tech products, today to introduce to you about the basic situation and principle of dry screw vacuum pump. Dry screw vacuum pump is used to obtain vacuum environment equipment. Dry screw vacuum pump can obtain a high vacuum environment. ...Learn more

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Their main vacuum products include: liquid ring, diaphragm type, single and double stage, rotary vane type, dry screw, dry claw, scroll, diffusion types and vacuum booster pumps. They also manufacture blowers, gauges and other pumping systems. ...Learn more

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The vacuum pump is an apparatus which creates low pressure (or vacuum) within a confined chamber. Pumps that use this technique for producing vacuum include rotary vane, piston, diaphragm, screw, claw, roots, scroll, Pumps that use this technique for producing vacuum include chemical and cryopumps. ...Learn more

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Reliable seal structure Mechanical seal and lip seal applied Dry vacuum pump exclusive mechanical seal Protect from dust & etc to purge air & N2 in front of mechanical seal ...Learn more

Edwards nXDS20iC 16.5 cfm Chemical-Resistant Dry Scroll Pump

Chemical and corrosion resistant with Chemraz ? internal valves and stainless steel fittings for extra protection from the pumped media; Lubricant-free within the vacuum envelope and hermetically sealed means totally clean and dry vacuum to prevent cross contamination ...Learn more

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Dry Rocking Piston Vacuum Pump Dry Claw Vacuum Pump Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump Dry Screw Vacuum Pump Mechanical Booster Pump Truck Vacuum Pump Ring Blower/Side Channel Blower Air Ejector Vacuum Measuring Instrument Vacuum Valves Vacuum Fittings Vacuum Pump Oil Oil Gear Pump ...Learn more

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Vacuum pump parts and services for various mechanical vacuum pumps including rotary vanes, pistons, root blowers, liquid rings, diaphragms, dry claw, dry lobe, dry...