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WITTE is one of the leading manufacturers of gear pumps for the chemical, cosmetic & food industries. Our gear pumps are ideal to transport different media and are available many different designs. ...Learn more

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The CHEM MINI gear pump from WITTE is perfect for the transportation and finest dosage of low to medium viscous media. The application range reaches from classic transfer and dosing tasks in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to the transportation of monomers, oligomers and prepolymers during polymer production. ...Learn more

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A Gear Pump is a "positive displacement" pump,. Idler Gear(Plastic) PEEK. Metering with gear pumps can be adjusted by manual and by external.2017-2-5. High Quality Melt Gear Pump for Plastic Extrusion Line .. Mini Gear Pump; Miniature gear pump Factory custom plastic polyamide toy gear small and large nylon transmission gear. Contact Us. ...Learn more

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PA6/7 – Hot melt. Coming from the synthetic fibers design, the PA6/7 pumps have been engineered for metering hot melted glues in the industrial packaging, the production of laminates and on the edgebanders. ...Learn more

1 Single-Screw Extrusion: Introduction and Troubleshooting

This book was written to provide the extrusion process engineer with a resource melt the resin, and then pump and pressurize it for a down-Single-Screw Extrusion: screen filtering devices, gear pumps, secondary extruders, and dies. The total length of the extruder screw and barrel is typically measured in barrel diameters or as a length ...Learn more

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Gear metering pumps and meter mix dispense systems. In 1948 Mahr created its line of metering pumps in support of Prof. Schlack who invented, in 1938, the Perlon fibre (Polyamide 6). The complete line of high-precision gear metering pumps has been manufactured under the brand name ‘Feinpruef’. ...Learn more

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spinning apparatus, in which polymer is extruded through a small of a screw extruder, a Zenith metering pump, a screen pack, and a one-hole spinneret (diameter = 0.123 em). The molten polymer POLYETHYLENE MELT SPINNING 4i(J / I 0" 80,"-{] Trap Door Steel Wire Stop ...Learn more

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Zenith Gear Pumps and Metering Systems High-performance, reliable solutions for critical applications in process industries. Zenith pumps meet the strict requirements of our customers’ applications and can offer precise, pulse free flow with reliable performance. ...Learn more

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The melt spinning of nylon 6 has been studied with on-line wide-angle synchrotron X-ray scattering techniques. The apparatus consisted of a single screw extruder and a metering pump mounted on a horizontal platform that could be translated in the vertical direction allowing a range of distances to be sampled with the X-ray beam. ...Learn more

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Melt Spinning Machine,also name Lab Melt Spinning Machine or UDY Melt Spinning Machine for Pitch which is ideal small size spinning machine of FDY, suitable for small batch spinning or proofing and development of varieties in chemical fiber factories and research institutes.It consists of extruder system, metering pump, heating godet system, air-cooling system, fiber oiling system, control ...Learn more

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Injection Pump Production Lines For Extrusion , Find Complete Details about Injection Pump Production Lines For Extrusion,Injection Pump,Melt cost is high, the Cost Structure of Vacuum Degassing … The cost for the conversion of energy,in whatsoever form,as well as upon the plant productivity.The shortening of treatment cycle time by a rapid ...Learn more


This specification defines the requirements for a highly flexible Melt Spinning Semi-production Line (MSSL). Gear pump – one (1) 8. Extended (large) area candle filters or screen-changer atmosphere (blanket). The output of the extruder shall feed a metering pump and incorporate a screen changer or similar device with extended (large ...Learn more

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Melt spinning, is a forming method using polymer melt as raw material (similar to plastic extrusion) and melt spinning machine (similar to plastic extruder). The melt spinning method can be used for spinning any polymer that can melt or change into a viscous flow state without significant degradation. ...Learn more

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The leading FDY Fiber Melt Spinning Machine manufacturers and suppliers in China, offers Small Bath Chemical Fiber Melt Spinning Machine with competitive price here. Welcome to contact our factory for details. ...Learn more

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Zhengzhou Batte Melt Pump Co., Ltd., is the biggest manufacturer of melt pump, gear pump and metering pump in China. We design, manufacture and sale our products together. Now there are tens of thousands of melt pumps, gear pumps and metering pumps in operation for the extrusion lines all over the world, and the amount is increased by one ...Learn more

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Dosing Gear Metering Pump for Plastic Extrusion Verified Suppliers in China, provides quality made in China products and certified China manufacturers. All China manufacturers in manufacturer-union are certificated by manufacturer union. ...Learn more

Lab-Scale Fiber Spinning Experimental Design Cost Comparison

Lab-Scale Fiber Spinning Experimental Design Cost Comparison Jeffrey C. Moreland, Julia L. Sharp, Ph.D., Philip J. Brown, Ph.D. Some fiber spinning processes such as melt spinning of polypropylene and wet spinning spinning and a metering pump to deliver an accurate amount of polymer solution to the spinneret. The ...Learn more

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is common for both mixing principles and includes a vacuum conveyor, dryer, extruder, metering pump and the control panel. It is of compact design and can easily be placed Small lot sizes compared to the total plant output of one plant Precise volumetric dosing by gear pumps Uniform mixing of polymer melt and additive with the help of a ...Learn more

Additive injection and mixing in modern spinning plants

This is achieved by using a metering pump that runs at a pre-calculated speed, taking the speeds of all relevant spinning pumps into account. The design of the metering gear pumps guarantees high volumetric efficiency, which makes the metering accuracy independent of viscosity and melt-pressure variations. ...Learn more

Silver formation - NPTEL

A typical melt spinning setup consists of a melting device-normally an extruder, a manifold- distribution arrangement for the melt, a metering pump- device to regulate polymer flow rate, a spin-pack- arrangement to filter and extrude the polymer through fine holes, a quench duct- cooling zone for the extruded polymer filament to turn solid, and...