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The booster stalls when this end pressure is reached, and does not consume any further air. A pressure drop at the high pressure side or a pressure increase at the drive side starts the booster automatically until the force balance is achieved again. ...Learn more

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Often, a booster pump is oversized by the contractor to “be sure” it will pump the required GPM. An oversized pump will result in a noisy system. Therefore, if a booster pump has to be throttled for any reason, the throttling valve should be on the discharge side of the pump. ...Learn more

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Pump discharge can be divided to supply two (2) or more sprinkler systems. A suggested multiple discharge to service is shown in Figure 7. Do not use in a pressure tank or booster pump application. ...Learn more

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impellers do not apply to all booster pumps, Note: Removal of thè pump body from the system is not necessary unless the flange gaskets are leaking or the pump body itself is damaged. ...Learn more


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Simply hook up the nitrogen or compressed air (500 to 3000psi) to the high pressure side of the booster, connect the shop air to the drive (low pressure) side of the booster, snap your tank onto the fill station (included), and you are ready to go up to 5000psi....