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Clean Water – Coca Cola | Plan International USA

MONROVIA, Liberia, March 3, 2017: Coca-Cola, in partnership with Plan International, recently announced the start of the Improving Access to Potable Water and Adequate Sanitation in Health Facilities in Rural Liberia project that will provide access to clean water and adequate sanitation to over 1,700 individuals. The project will promote good sanitation and hygiene practices across four ...Learn more

Clean up at old Coke and Carbon site set to begin soon

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - Work will officially begin in a few days to clear out some vegetation at the former Coke and Carbon plant in Terre Haute. The City Redevelopment Commission met Wednesday afternoon to open sealed bids for the job. Vegetation and trees must be removed at the Brownsfield site ...Learn more

Clean in Place Systems | Liquid Filling & Bottling Equipment

Clean-in-place systems are designed for automatic cleaning and disinfecting without major disassembly and assembly work. Integrated clean-in-place systems reduce product changeover time & maintenance by cleaning the entire filler fluid path automatically using programmable cycles in the control system’s CIP module. ...Learn more

How Can Vaughan Help You - Chopper Pumps

Vaughan Pumps effectively mix digester sludge, replacing gas, draft tube, submersible prop, or other pump mixing systems, while increasing digester efficiency by continuously chopping solids without the need for expensive pre-grinders or comminutors. ...Learn more

Resolution of Coke Problems in the Quench Oil in An

Coke in the Quench Oil loop causes many operational and maintenance problems. These problems include premature or unexpected plant shut downs, frequent heat exchanger, valve, and circulating pump maintenance, Quench Tower fouling as well as the health and environmental hazard while cleaning conventional standard and nonstandard filters. ...Learn more


It all started in 1933, Mr. CB Oliver founded a water treatment company in Chicago, Illinois, called Tested Appliances. His own idea of a pre-coat multi-fold complex filter body was the basis for the Everpure filter of today. ...Learn more

Pump School Liquid List

Rotary pumps can handle a wide variety of liquids, each with its own characteristic. To learn more about some of the liquids commonly pumped by rotary pumps, either scroll down the list, or select the letter to narrow your search. ...Learn more

Bag-In-Box (BIB) Syrup Pumps - Gulf Ice Systems, Inc.

8 pump board system with HP CO2 hose and regulators These systems are pre-configured with pumps, 5' BIB line per pump and BIB conectors. These systems are available with either Flojet or Shurflo pumps. ...Learn more

Cleaning a Thermos | The Boat Galley

Cleaning a Thermos. September 19, 2011 by Carolyn Shearlock. Some links below (including all Amazon links) are affiliate links, meaning that I earn from qualifying purchases. How can i clean the plastic pump mecanism, have an old thermos that has black scum inside the pump mecanism, please, help. Reply. Ruth Meyers says. ...Learn more

9 Homemade Lawn Care Products - TipHero

Mix together 1 can of diet coke, 1 can of cheap beer, a 1/2 cup of ammonia, a 1/2 cup of liquid dish-washing soap and 1/2 a cup of mouthwash. Put this into a hose fertilizer sprayer and spray over lawn. ...Learn more

Mechanical seals, rules of thumb – Mc Nally Institute

Be sure to vent vertical pumps back to the suction side of the pump. Air trapped in the stuffing box can cause the seal faces to run hot and in some instances destroy the elastomer. Cyclone type separators, or “in line filters” are not a good method of cleaning up the fluid in the stuffing box. ...Learn more

Diet Coke to clean silver? - Mumsnet

Put a layer of tin foil in your sink. Add boiling water from the kettle, enough to cover the foil and be deep enough to cover your necklace. Add a good sprinkle of ordinary salt, enough so you can see it on the foil. ...Learn more

Rebuilding a Single Mantle Lantern - Papo-Art

In a Coca Cola or Pepsi bath, soak the burner tube and cap, "U" tube and venturi, generator nut, etc. These pieces are all brass and the soak will clean them pretty well. This is an overnight soak ...Learn more

US9127234B2 - Coke compositions for on-line gas turbine

Prior art keywords expandable coke cleaning gas turbine cokes Prior art date 2011-06-22 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. ...Learn more


retrofit applications quarterly environmental monitoring report no. 4 for the period covering january 1, 1992 through march 31, 1992 innovative coke oven gas cleaning system for retrofit applications coke oven drip condensate gas pump tank condensate ...Learn more

Clean Water, courtesy Coca-Cola | Yanko Design

Clean Water, courtesy Coca-Cola. Comprised of two plastic water bottles, a two-part connecting chamber, a ceramic filter and a bicycle pump – Co-Life forces dirty water through the ceramic filter from one bottle and collects the clean water in the opposite bottle. Seemingly simple, Co-Life has the ability to reach a wide user group around ...Learn more

Why GE, Coca-Cola, and IBM Are Getting Into - Fast Company

That’s 8 billion gallons Coke didn’t have to buy or pump out of rivers or aquifers, clean to food-manufacturing standards, and then dispose of. Reduce water use 9%, and you reduce a flood of ...Learn more

Refinery Coker Unit Services and Delayed Coker Basics

The coke drum feed to the fractionator contains steam, coke particles, and a 'wild' mixture of sour hydrocarbon gases and liquids. For this reason it is very important that the fractionator have on-stream clean out capability, proper metallurgy, and a selection of internals allowing critical operating flexibility. ...Learn more


The EMP as approved by DOE, specifies the streams to be monitored (e.g. clean coke oven gas, mnia still effluent), and the species to be analysed (e.g. sulfur compounds, nitrogen compamds, trace elements, etc.). Coke Oven Drip Condensate Gas Pump Tank Condensate Light Oil Still Drainage Vapor Oil Exchanger Condensate Primary Light Oil ...Learn more

Tube Feeding Guidelines -

Tube Feeding Guidelines This information will guide you in learning about the procedure for tube feeding. The tube feeding formula provides calories, Assemble the equipment you will need: formula, water, feeding bag, pump and 30 to 60 cc syringe. Clean the work area and wash your hands. ...Learn more


Post-Mix Tea Dispenser Install Manual Arizona Proprietary Dispenser Install Manual Coke Gold Peak Tea Dispenser Install Manual Pepsi 2V All Tea Urn Tea Urn Square Tea Urn Arizona Tea Round Coke SV Fuze Tea Urn All Coke Gold Peak Tea Urns Electric Pump Post-Mix Nozzle and diffuser removable with no tools for cleaning; All non-carbonated...