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The pump, driven by an electric motor, increases the pressure of the oil and sends the high-pressure oil to the solenoid control valve. Based on the signal received from the control panel, the solenoid control valve is positioned so that oil flows to the cylinder, and moves the cylinder to the desired position. ...Learn more

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The hydraulic pressure oil box welded inside of the machine body, the inhaler equipped with it, and the motor, oil pump, high-pressure valve, control valve and electron system are equipped outside, the filtrating core and valve pedestal are equipped on the peak, discharging oil screw equipped on the bottom of oil box. ...Learn more

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Mono strand Hydraulic Jack with electric pump uses the structure of swash plate axial piston hydraulic pump, low flow, high pressure. With rated pressure in prestressed jack within 50Mpa, wire hydraulic upsetting, pushing, jacking, lifting and hoisting jack, supporting the use, operation and power is the main part of prestress hydraulic equipment. ...Learn more

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CNM Grouting Machine And Mixer For Post Tensioning Concrete 1. Grout pump is a kind of machine which can press slurry into tensioning channels, including into two ways of working plunger and screw. ...Learn more

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power options, including air, hydraulic, electric, electric/hydraulic, gasoline and diesel/hydraulic. All of our grout plants are offered skid mounted, with piston pump. High-Pressure Series High-Capacity Series Cable & Rock Bolt Series Widest Selection of Grouting Equipment in the World ...Learn more

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Post-tensioning is a method of reinforcing (strengthening) concrete or other materials with high-strength steel strandsor bars, typically referred to as tendons. Post-tensioning applications include office and apartment buildings, parkingstructures, slabs-on-ground, bridges, sports stadiums, rock and soil anchors, and water-tanks. ...Learn more

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AirPlaco ProCretor High Pressure Wet Shotcrete Pump PC-3. Clarke Patterson Gorman-Rupp - $92,900.00 PE4004S SPX Power Team Electric Pump Electric - 420 Cu InMin 460V 60Hz UPC # Pro Dehumidifier ultracompact - $62,391.26 TWIN 315 TON HYDRAULIC MOLDING POST PRESSES W PUMP & PLATENS . Flow WMC2 4020 - $58,320.00 ...Learn more

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Cylinders allow hydraulic systems to use linear motion and force without mechanical gears or levers by shifting the pressure from fluid via a piston to the point of operation. Hydraulic cylinders are at work in both industrial applications (hydraulic presses, cranes, forges, packing machines), and mobile apps (agricultural machines, construction equipment, marine equipment). ...Learn more

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Force produced by a hydraulic cylinder is a product of pressure and area (F = p x A). In a conventional double-acting cylinder, the effective area and therefore force produced by the piston and rod sides of the cylinder are unequal. ...Learn more

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Post Tension & Stressing Jacks Considered the industry’s most durable monostrand stressing jacks, these hydraulic jacks lift from 20 to 30 tons and are available in single and double acting variants. ...Learn more

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Power Team hand pumps, with the angled fill port, have a built in “relief valve” protection system. This system is designed to protect over-pressurization of the reservoir from sudden back pressure. ...Learn more


HIGH PRESSURE SWIVEL JOINERS; TRANSPORT. These gearboxes are used mainly for connecting hydraulic pumps to the power take-offs of agricultural tractors. The standardised PTO output of 540 Rpm is, in this way, increased x 3:1 to optimum operating speeds for the hydraulic pumps. Hydraulic Oil Flow Control Throttle Shutoff Valve 3/8" BSP ...Learn more

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XDH90 high pressure grout pump equipment manufacturer. US $1000 - 6900 / Set. 1 Set Post tension hydraulic lifting jack for building construction. US $200 - 3000 / Set. 1 Set Double Plunger low Pressure Surge Hydraulic Grout Pumps for sale. US $9550 - 12000 / Set. 1 Set ...Learn more

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To get an idea of the high strength of this type of steel, a typical steel strand used for post-tensioning will yield about 243,000 psi. In contrast, a typical piece of rebar will yield about 60,000 psi. ...Learn more

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Cylinders: Lightweight Aluminum Cylinders High Tonnage Cylinders Lifting Systems Jacks Pumps: Hand pumps Electric pumps Air hydr. pumps Torque wrench pumps Gasoline pumps System components: Hoses Couplers Coupler Bleed Tool Oil, manifolds, fittings Force and pressure gauges Pressure gauges Gauge accessories Test system gauges Digital pressure gauges Valves: 3- and 4-way Valves Solenoid Modular ...Learn more

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This pump provides pressure to two hydraulic cylinders. One tensions the headstay and the other tensions the backstay deflector. TP52s don’t have a permanent backstay, so the crews use the deflector when sailing upwind to help maintain headstay tension from the hounds, which are approximately three metres below the masthead. ...Learn more

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Main View : 1 front card jack made of high strength steel, can be customized 20-30 tons of tension. 2 has a compact structure, light weight, small size. Smile hanging in the face service in mind A product description: Mono Strand Pulling Jack Is a ...Learn more

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SPX Power Team Tools, Power Team Hydraulic Equipment Parts & Repairs: Choose from our wide range Power Team's precision tools and equipment best to be used by any hydraulic industry application. ...Learn more

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The cause of particulate build up in turbine high pressure fluid systems comes from one of six sources: Particles within the high pressure fluid system generated by wear of the internal components of the operating system (i.e. pumps, filters, servo valves, solenoid valves, and trip valves). ...Learn more

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Heavy-duty blades available for up to 37" long for cutting steel, stainless steel, aluminum, ductile iron, wood, plastic, masonry and more - in HSS (High-Speed Steel), HSS-SL (for stainless steel and hard metal) and Carbide....