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Does an A/C Manifold Gauge Set Need a 30+ lb Tank of Freon

I just returned my Interdynamics A/C Manifold Gauge Set to O' Reilly's for a refund. Went through 3 sets of these gauges! First 2 had a bad low side gauge, then the next two Yellow supply hoses - they never event let R134 pass through from a can tap and an R134 can. ...Learn more

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A/C Troubleshooting. Luckily AutoZone and a few other parts places rent out the vacuum pump and manifold gauges to properly recharge the system for free. You pay for the tools and get a refund when you return them. I plan on using refrigerant on - hand A/C Pro 10oz. and pick up a refrigerant with dye Interdynamics Arctic Freeze Ultra ...Learn more

SOLVED: 1996 chevy c1500 no a/c after recharge - Fixya

To diagnose problems, an A/C manifold gauge set is needed to read high and low side pressure readings. Avoid adding refrigerant with a simple charging kit like the ones sold at parts stores. Avoid adding refrigerant with a simple charging kit like the ones sold at parts stores. ...Learn more

240 R134a conversion - Turbobricks Forums

(on wednesday I'll be in possession of an electric vacuum pump and A/C manifold) No. You need to vent whatever refridgerant is in the system and take out the orifice tube or for the older systems, the expansion valve, and take a look. ...Learn more

R12 to R134a Conversion - 1987 3.8L Turbo Buick

R134a Retrofit. 1987 Buick Regal 3.8L Turbo. The tools I bought were a set of manifold gauges, a probe-type thermometer, and a venturi-type vacuum pump. First, the manifold gauges: The low pressure gauge also has a vacuum reading. R134a fittings are standardized, quick-disconnect type fittings. The high-pressure fitting is bigger than ...Learn more

Learning me running an R12 AC system these days-Page 2

I moved up to a vacumn pump, and a set of gauges. Then, I had working AC on every vechile I had running (8-9) It really is quite simple and is a great skill to know. you can rescue all your buddys (and wives), and make a little $$ on the side if you want. ...Learn more

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Homemade workbench modification utilizing a vacuum pump and manifold system to secure workpieces to the table without the use of clamps. ...Learn more

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Low side readings 43 psi at idle Hi side readings 150 psi at idle Off idle, say around 1200 rpm, you do not use the compound gauge on your manifold for this. lunytuned: 05-15-2014 12:50 AM: Quote: Originally Posted by indy2000 gauges are on the way and I can easily buy a vacuum pump. $80 gets me a brand new single stage robinaire. ...Learn more

CR4 - Thread: AC System Flushing

2.) connect low side hose to low side of system. use high side hose to connect between gauge manifold and vacuum pump, use charging hose to connect pump to 30 lb bottle. use vacuum pump to pump existing R-134a from system into old r-22 bottle for temp. storage. ...Learn more

2010 Rogue AC not working - Ambient Air Temp Sensor

Long story short, I bought a 2010 Rogue salvage title that has been rebuilt. I bought in February, with -20F ambient temps. So I did my best to determine if the AC was working, checked for pressure in the low pressure line, and felt that it was OK. ...Learn more

Will external vac. pump for AC system vac oil out

I've spent the weekend redoing the AC system on Smash.I will add details to my cheap wagon thread, but had a question. After replacing all the parts and the o'rings and adding the ester oil, I attached the evacuation pump to my AC gauge lines. ...Learn more

Carb Tunning

Using a vacuum gauge, adjust the idle mixture screws obtain the highest vacuum reading. The gauge should be connected to a manifold vacuum carb port. Each screw should be turned an equal amount to keep the system balanced. ...Learn more

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Learn epa core with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 203 different sets of epa core flashcards on Quizlet. ...Learn more

How to Find a Vacuum Leak - Smoking Out Vacuum Leaks

And with some vehicles using dozens of vacuum hoses, and the potential for cracks in multipart intake manifold systems, there are plenty of places for leaks to crop up. ...Learn more

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Vacuum Regulator products offer a variety of options including compact and lightweight design, and front or rear mounting of the vacuum pressure gauge. These vacuum regulators also offer standard panel mounting capability, adjustment resolution within 0.13kPa, and 1/8" to 1/2" threaded connection port sizes available. ...Learn more

I have a 2010 Honda CRV and there is no AC. I plan to put

I have a 2010 Honda CRV and there is no AC. I plan to put the gauges on it for measuring the pressures of low and - Answered by a verified Mechanic for Honda (vacuum pump, leak detector, manifold gauges) but have never done a complete evacuation-refill. I added 1 c … read more. MASTER TECH. Master Tech. Vocational, Technical or Trade ...Learn more

leave vacuum in A/C several days? - PeachParts Mercedes

If you don't have a micron gauge, it is very difficult to know if you have a leak with a manifold gauge. It's not NEARLY sensitive enough. Holding a vacuum even a few days with a manifold gauge will not tell you if you have a leak that would lose significant refrigerant in a month or two. ...Learn more

High pressure on low side of A/C lines? - TDIClub Forums

My newest tools are an A/C vacuum pump and set of manifold guages. I plan on evacuating and charging the A/C system on my son's A5 (2.5L) Jetta (I had to disconnect the condensor and compressor to swap engines). ...Learn more

diagnostics - How can I detect vacuum leaks without access

This can be done by either pumping or sucking the air out of the intake, for example by mounting a foot pump, compressor, vacuum cleaner (has to be far enough to not overwhelm the hissing, obviously) to the air pickup by the use of homemade adapters or simply tape. ...Learn more

air conditioning - Is air conditioner installation a DIY

Vacuum pump is needed to remove traces of water vapors from the system and test for leaks. You should keep the vacuum for at least 15 minutes. If water remains in the system and mixes with refrigerant, your hardware will be ruined in a season. ...Learn more

CP7818 – Fuel Pressure Tester Kit INSTRUCTIONS

The Fuel Pressure Tester Kit works on most domestic fuel injected vehicles fuel pump. A clogged or restricted fuel pump filter can cause low fuel pressure readings. Verify that manifold vacuum is within manufacturers specification which is typi-...