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Dekker - Titan Series Single-Stage - Liquid-ring pump

Introducing the Dekker - Titan series single-stage liquid ring monoblock vacuum pump. The monoblock vacuum pump is built to rigid quality standards. ...Learn more

Single stage rotary vane vacuum pump, Edwards - VABS Ltd

Edwards ES Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps There are 3 products. Edwards ES Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps Sort by Edwards ES65 single stage rotary vane vacuum pump. $0.00. Quantity: Out of stock. A35250935. Edwards ES100 single stage rotary vane vacuum pump. $0.00. Quantity: Out of stock. A35255935. Edwards ES200 single stage rotary vane vacuum pump ...Learn more

Dekker - Titan Series Single-Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Dekker - Titan Series Single-Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are broken down into four sub groups, motor-mounted, mono-block, bare-shaft / pedestal and large capacity. ...Learn more

Thinking about Single-Stage Vacuum Pumps | New

In addition, because most of the work performed by vacuum pumps is done above 9 inches HG (305 mbar), a single-stage venturi will have higher vacuum flow rates than multi-stage pumps in the working vacuum ranges. ...Learn more

High-efficiency Single and Two-stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Large capacity single-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps cover a capacity range from 1050 - 18,000 CFM,with vacuum capability up to 29" Hg.Models are available with packed stuffing box or mechanical seals. A variety of materials and special coatings are available. ...Learn more

STKUSA 3CFM Single-Stage Vacuum Pump 1/4HP - Walmart

Free Shipping. Buy STKUSA 3CFM Single-Stage Vacuum Pump 1/4HP R410a R134a at Walmart ...Learn more

TW-3A Single Stage Vacuum Pump - nbsterilizer

XZ series rotary vane vacuum pump . 2XZ series rotary vane vacuum pump . 2X series rotary vane vacuum pump . 2XZ-C series direct-drive rotary vane vacuum pump ...Learn more

LACO W2V-40 14 CFM - Dual Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

The W2V40 rotary vane vacuum pump features a rugged, two-stage, air-cooled design and is capable of pumping speeds of 14 cfm and producing an ultimate vacuum of 10-3 Torr. Lightweight, quiet, and compact, the W2V40 has an anti-suckback and gas ballast valve, quick disconnect ISO/KF fi ttings, and is ideal for a variety of applications. ...Learn more

Double Stage Water Ring Vacuum Pump - PPI Pumps

PPI Pumps is a leading manufacturer and exporter of two stage vacuum pumps including double stage water ring vacuum pump, close couple water ring vacuum pump used in chemicals, pharmaceuticals and process industries from Ahmedabad, India. ...Learn more

7 cfm vacuum pump - hvac-talk

Vacuum pump oil should be replaced after pulling a vacuum on one or two systems. Get in the habit of changing it on a daily basis when you have been pulling vacuums (if you haven't already). Could the difference in price be because the 7 CFM is a single stage pump and the 5 CFM is a 2 stage? You will want a 2 stage pump. It is a 2 stage ...Learn more

Speedivac Cost Effective, Reliable Vacuum Pumps - Vacuum

Vacuum SA supplies rotary vane Vacuum Pumps, which are the most commonly used type of Vacuum Pumps, particularly for composite applications. Rotary vane Vacuum Pumps are oil operated (oil sealed) Vacuum Pumps and are available as either single stage or two stage models that work by way of positive displacement. ...Learn more

Vacuum pumps for resin infusion - Vacmobiles

Vacuum pumps for resin infusion single stage rotary vane vacuum pump. These are usually readily available from vacuum pump manufacturers offering pumps for general industrial applications, with some common brand names and pump models listed in the table below. ...Learn more

Single and Two Stage Dry Vacuum Pump - GC-285V/VT Single

Single and Two Stage Dry Vacuum Pump Single or Two Stage Dry Vacuum Pumps are single acting, air-cooled units in single and/or two stage construction. It is positive displacement piston-type pumps which achieve vacuum to 29.0" Hg for single stage and up to 29.6" Hg for two-stage construction, at sea level. ...Learn more


For all your HVAC needs at Retail Price 4 CFM Single Stage Refrigeration Vacuum Pump is a device used to purge air conditioning and refrigeration systems of contaminants such as moisture and air. ...Learn more

Two Stage Oil Rotary Vane Pump - Woosung Vacuum

Two Stage Oil Rotary Vane Pump | MVP is two stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump. The pump and motor are connected by flexible coupling. As the rotor rotates two vanes, placed in rotor vane froove, turn making contact with the internal surface of the cylinder due to centrifual force. ...Learn more

Vacuum Pumps - Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Manufacturer from

The ultimate vacuum developed by these pumps is 0.05 Torr in case of single stage and 0.005 Torr in case of two stage pumps. These pumps are known for 'minimum power consumption and are available in full range. ...Learn more

Product Category: Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps - Vactech

Description The liquid ring vacuum pump model AL-600A is single stage type fitted with vary port valve, in monoblok version. Compact, flexible in performance, achieves 33 mbar abs., suitable to suck vapors and gas with liquid carry over, oil free operation, limited maintenance required. ...Learn more

Vacuum Pumps – CPS Products Australia

Pro-Set single stage standard size vacuum pumps provide a deep vacuum (down to 50 microns), with horsepower ratings from 1/3 to 1, and free air displacement from 2 CFM to 12 CFM. These pumps include a gas ballast valve and are offered in both single and dual voltage and have a voltage selector switch. ...Learn more

Pfeiffer - UNO 2.5 A Vacuum Pump - ANDbio LLC

The single stage UNO 2.5 A Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump is oil-immersed. The pump stages and motor are mounted on a support stand. Bearings and pumping chamber are supplied continuously with pump fluid which both seals and lubricates. ...Learn more

Vacuum Pumps – Becker Pumps Australia

Becker offers a variety of Vacuum Pumps types that cover a wide range of operating pressures and open flow air rates. Our range includes both Oil-Free and Oil-Lubricate Rotary Vane Pumps (with a simple single shaft and direct drive), Screw Pumps, Side Channel Pumps (in both single and double stage models) and Radial Pumps . ...Learn more

Air-Vac Store: Venturi Vacuum Pumps

Venturi Vacuum Pumps AVR SIngle Stage Models: AV SIngle Stage Models: HAV SIngle Stage Models: RAV SIngle Stage Models: IAV Vacuum Sleeve Inserts: UV Ultra-Vac Models: Venturi Vacuum Pumps . AV Series - Single Stage : TD Series - Straight Through Vacuum Passage : Stainless Steel Series ....