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The vacuum pumping section of the system consists of a sorption (getter) pump to remove atmospheric leakage and outgassing contaminants as well as the gas chromatograph carrier gas (hydrogen) and an ion pump to remove the argon from atmospheric leaks. ...Learn more

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Vacuum Pump Pressure Ranges Ultra-High Vacuum High Vacuum Rough Vacuum -12 -10 -8 -6 -4 -2 0 +2 Pressure in Torr (units are exponents of ten) VENTURI PUMP ROTARY PISTON MECHANICAL PUMP DRY MECHANICAL PUMP ROTARY VANE MECHANICAL PUMP SORPTION PUMP BLOWER/BOOSTER PUMP ...Learn more

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People using the vacuum system for small molecule pharmaceuticals or for chemistry labs require deep, stable vacuum to support distillations and evaporative processes. Still others may require vacuum from a specialized vacuum system, for example in physics research. ...Learn more


PROCESS DESIGN OF VACUUM EQUIPMENT (VACUUM PUMPS AND STEAM JET - EJECTORS) utility consumption and a typical P & I diagram for a vacuum system. REFERENCES A kinetic pump in which a low pressure, high-speed vapor stream provides the entrainment fluid. The gas molecules diffuse into this stream and are ...Learn more


INSTALLING LIQUID-RING VACUUM PUMPS other than water is utilized in a closed-loop system. Pumps made pump’s discharge flange. Too high an elevation in the discharge line can cause a back pressure on the pump, overloading the motor and affecting the pump’s capacity. ...Learn more

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system, usually with a foreline pump establishing a ‘rough’ vacuum and a high vacuum pump or pumps situated on the analyser body to establish the high levels of vacuum required for effective mass to charge ratio measurement. ...Learn more

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Industrial Vacuum Pumps Rotary vane: A rotary vane industrial vacuum pump works by positive displacement, which entails the forcing of a fixed amount of fluid from the pump’s inlet pressure section to its discharge, a process that is similar to that of a syringe. ...Learn more

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A00 Symbols used in Vacuum Technology Vacuum Symbols All symbols, except those marked 1) may be used in any orientation. The symbols for vacuum pumps ...Learn more

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Vacuum UV Exposure Unit - M-5060V, China Vacuum UV

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Chinese Vacuum Pump Industry Report 2013-2016

As a device pumping gases at a high speed to improve and maintain a vacuum state within a wide pressure range, vacuum pump is widely applied in the industries such as metallurgy, chemical, food ...Learn more

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In the arcs, the ultra-high vacuum is maintained by cryogenic pumping of 9000 cubic metres of gas. As the beam pipes are cooled to extremely low temperatures, the gases condense and adhere to the walls of the beam pipe by adsorption. ...Learn more

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A basic introduction to pumping terminology, including vapour pressure and static head. Includes a description of the operation, application and comparable benefits of electrical centrifugal and mechanical condensate pumps, with sizing examples for pumps and pump discharge lines. ...Learn more

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Xylem – Middle East Region Domestic Pumps Condensate

Condensate return units for systems up to 90,000 sq. Ft. EDR. The CB is designed for systems with low return lines. This condensate unit features the B-35 pumps which has a suction inducer to create a positive pressure at the centrifugal impeller thus guaranteeing low NPSH pump requirements....