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CircuFlow? 5150 Lymphedema Compression Therapy. The Circuflow? 5150 Lymphedema Compression Therapy pump is a device used to help relieve symptoms such as fatigue, painful swelling, and limb deformities, that are associated with chronic lymphatic and venous disorders in the extremities. ...Learn more

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Lymphedema pumps are from trusted manufacturers such as Bio Compression Systems and Huntleigh. Check out the the Huntleigh Flow-plus and the Bio Compression SC 3008 Sequential Circulator Lymphedema Pump. ...Learn more

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In the home setting, they are commonly referred to as "lymphedema pumps", although they are used to treat a wide variety of circulatory disorders, including lymphedema, venous insufficiency, venous stasis ulcers and peripheral artery disease (PAD). ...Learn more

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for use in the home in the treatment of intractable proven lymphedema of the extremities when: A. failure of a 4-week trial of conservative therapy which consists of: 1. ...Learn more

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The investment you make in a compression pump machine will be one of the most important investments you make because it will help you live a longer and healthier life, allowing you to succeed at work and home and spend more time with family and friends. ...Learn more

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A lymphedema pump works by gently compressing fluids out of tissue and directing them toward the center of the body. The trick with lymphedema pumps is the sequence and degree of compression. There are two stages of compression that need to be utilized in order for the pumping to be effective. ...Learn more

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MediPress Pneumatic Compression Lymphedema Pump MediPress promotes circulation of blood and lymph in the disabled regions of the arms and legs by increasing the pressure of muscular tissue with continuous, repetitive contractions of the four-chamber system. ...Learn more

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Note: Pneumatic compression pumps may be used in lymphedema clinics or purchased or rented for home use. This policy addresses the home use of pneumatic compression pumps. For other indications see Related ...Learn more

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The Bio Compression Pump is intended for use in practically all settings, especially the home, due to it’s small size and light weight. The pump is easy to operate and can be used while reading, watching TV, or just resting. ...Learn more

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Lymphedema Pump (Segmental and Nonsegmental) – Pneumatic Compression Pumps At least four weeks of regular, daily, multiple-hour home usage of the E0650 or E0651 after careful, in-person fitting, training and supervision by a technician ...Learn more

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The physician may also order the pump for permanent home use, however the physician must prescribe the treatment pressure, frequency and duration of use. Compression Bandaging Systems Compression bandaging for lower extremity and compression strapping for upper extremity lymphedema patients are primarily used in the decongestive phase of ...Learn more

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o Code should not be used for all home instruction. Use the code that best describes the goal of the home activity. For example, if a patient is instructed on exercises to be done o This link is for Medicare’s statement on use of compression pumps for lymphedema. ...Learn more

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Use of older generation, non-calibrated pressure pumps in lymphedema treatment has fallen from favor over the last several years as improved lymphedema education and increasing numbers of trained therapists leads to better understanding of the physiological impact of traditional pump therapy. ...Learn more

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LymphaCare has had a great deal of success obtaining the lymphedema pumps for patients for home use through Medicare, Aetna, Blue Cross, and most major medical insurance policies. ...Learn more

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Efficacy of Lymphedema Treatment Protocols Robert Weiss, M.S. Lymphedema Patient Advocate LymphActivist@aol appeal procedures to obtain reimbursement for the compression garments they use daily in the medical treatment of their lymphedema. I receive no payment pump in patients with venolymphatic dysfunction Effect 1. ...Learn more

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CircuFlow? 5200 Lymphedema Compression Therapy The CircuFlow? 5200 Compression Therapy pump may help relieve painful symptoms associated with lymphedema. Intermittent gradient sequential pressure is applied through the multi-chambered garments to increase venous blood flow and provide extracellular fluid clearances for the patient. ...Learn more

Clinical Policy: Lymphedema and Venous Stasis Ulcer Treatments

Continued use of lymphedema pumps and sequential pneumatic compression devices are considered medically necessary when there is documented effectiveness of the pump, with a decrease in edema as documented by pre- and post-treatment measurements and/or documented ...Learn more

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Pneumatic Pumps: select patients benefit from use of a lymphedema pump to help maintain limb reductions Compression Therapy: short-stretch compression bandages or short-stretch garments are utilized to decrease limb volume. ...Learn more

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This unit works particularly well as a lymphedema pump for legs and works in a similar manner to the previous leg compression devices we have mentioned. The main difference with this unit however is the seamless air cells between each chamber in the leg sleeves. ...Learn more

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The Circuflow? 5150 Lymphedema Compression Therapy pump is a device used to help relieve symptoms such as fatigue, painful swelling, and limb deformities, that are associated with chronic lymphatic and venous disorders in the extremities. ...Learn more

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Using Lymphedema Pumps By Theodoros Manfredi , In Medicine Lymphedema is a condition that causes localized fluid retention and resultant swelling of tissue as a result of a compromised lymphatic system....